Tucson Dining

At five star we have worked hard to make connections with various quality establishments in the Tucson area. You deserve the VIP treatment and we can be helpful in suggesting great dining restaurants that provide the experience you are looking for. We will be there on time ready to provide you with a great smile and an open door. We will be prepared to go the extra mile and our dispatchers can call ahead to ensure you have the best possible seating ready for you when you arrive. You cannot go wrong with a luxury sedan; no need to find a designated driver you can enjoy your dining experience without any worries, enjoying the company of your friends and or associates. Let tonight be the night that everyone talks about for years to come. You deserve luxury and we are here to assure you that you will receive five star service.

Five star Sedan service takes the scare out of the Old Pueblo. No maps or directions needed, we will steer you the right way. Call us to make a reservation today.