Tours and Sightseeing

From the mountains to the valleys, Colossal caves or old mines, Bio spheres, Grand canyons, and small canyons. Let Five Star Sedan Service show you the sites, the feelings, and the history, of Arizona. Whether you are just visiting our sandy area, or you are a native who has never taken the time to experience all that we have to offer.

We know of all the hidden gems and treasures scattered throughout the valley, our chauffeurs are knowledgeable of local plant, and animal wildlife. We can provide you with an air conditioned viewing platform, allowing you to see much of Arizona without ever breaking a sweat.

Whether it is gems and minerals, butterflies, or tons and tons of planes, we know where to find them, even a thing on Highway 10. Many go and see the thing few every realize what they are seeing. We have petrified forests, the Grand Canyon, London Bridge (yes it is really in Arizona, and no it is not falling down), a very large number of lakes considering that this is a desert climate.

If you don’t feel like traveling far from the city limits that is fine too, we can take you to the museums, casinos, and theaters that we have become popular for. We always have something going in the city.

If you are a history buff, you can visit our historic downtown area, and see Rio Nuevo its newly remodeled train depot. Or have dinner at an old time jailhouse, down by the convention center.

We even know about that little steak house that was once the post office, so many eons ago. And yes they really do have 1000s of dollar bills plastered all over their walls. It is a sight to see, and if you care to leave your little mark, you can help paper their walls with your signed dollar bill, sharing the company of famous and infamous visitors.

If you like old western movies, then Old Tucson is the place to go, walk on the same stage as some of the greats. Mt. Lemmon provides skiing several months of the year, and the rest of the year you can enjoy the cool green forests, and the beautiful far reaching view. The shops on top of Mt. Lemmon are one of kind; you will never find a better homemade pie (sour-cream apple sells out first) than from the Mt. Lemmon Cafe and homemade fudge from the Mt. Lemmon General Store.

As you can tell Tucson and its surrounding areas is all of this and so much more, we could go on and on telling you about the great places that we have been, but we will save that for the ride.

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